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Dear Korean Style Martial Artists,

My name is Grand Master Jong Sung Kim, and I am President and Programs Director for the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association International Training Academy. Because you are reading this page you have shown an interest in owning and operating a successful traditional military arts training center. I would like to take the time to explain to you some of our unique strategies and let you know why I’m confident that now is the right time for you to decide to become a KMAIA affiliated martial arts school owner.

I would personally like to invite you to attend our annual courses listed below. You will discover how we have made it easier than ever before to become a school owner and how we have put our complete focus on profitability through student retention, training and support that allows you to achieve your dream of being a successful dojang owner.

Right now, as we are preparing for our next growth phase, the primary focus of our team is on individual school grown. Our main goal is to make your location a complete success. “When you win, we win!”  Together we can spread the traditions, techniques, code of ethics and philosophy of our art worldwide!

People love Korean martial arts. Last year the worldwide number of Korean style schools outnumbered every other style of martial arts combined. We have branch schools in 110 countries and growing. The reason is the total mind, body, spirit training philosophy of traditional Korean arts is appealing to a much wider range of people of all ages than any type of martial sport. Under our leadership we give you an incredible competitive advantage in your area making you the dominant school for years to come.

Our expert real estate division has spent the last few years thoroughly researching the types of locations and demographics that can have you poised for success, and they are ready to help you with selecting a site that guarantees a greater chance of success in the shortest period of time.

Through our comprehensive three-step training program, our team fully prepares you to run a successful dojang – even if you have absolutely no previous experience teaching or managing a martial arts school. When it comes to dominating the market of any area for martial art instruction our team is truly remarkable!

When it comes to owning multiple schools, experience how the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association is powerful enough to help you achieve your financial dreams. With multiple location opportunities now available, the sky is the limit. Thousands of people have achieved their dream of owning a successful martial arts school. Now it’s your turn!

I’m sure that you can imagine just how fulfilling it can be to work for yourself. And when you have a marketing and management system that be refined over the last seventy years and an entire team of people working hard to help your business be the toast of the neighborhood – there’s no end to how successful you can be.

With that in mind, your presence is encouraged for the upcoming courses that are separated by position and skill level. Don’t miss your opportunity to achieve your dream with a seventy-year-old proven system of success.

Leadership Course: The purpose of the Leadership Course is to develop the character traits of a good leader and help identify individuals with the ability to perform leadership tasks within the school. This consists of thirty-six months of leadership and character trait instruction on the Thirty-six traits of good leadership.

Instructors Course: The purpose of the instructor’s course is to educate, technically proficient 3rd Dan Black Belts over the age of 21, on the topics of effective teaching techniques, class formats, student motivation and student evaluations. To be eligible for the instructors course one must have completed 100 hours of assistant instructor time under the supervision of a Master Instructor. An individual holding a 1st Dan may begin assistant instructor training within their teacher’s Dojang. The graduates of this course will be the leader of training at a school.

Additional Course Topics:

History of Taekwondo, Hapkido, Yudo and MuGiSool (Weapons)

Dojang Development

Instructor’s Role and Duties

Class Formats

Basic Motions

Hosinsool Theory

Demonstration Theory

Poomsae (All Belts)

Promotion Regulations

First Aid and CPR Training

Meditation and Ki Development

Instructional Techniques

Student Corrections

Class Rank Structure

Masters Course: The purpose of the Masters Course is to educate technically proficient 4th Dan Black Belts over the age of 24 on the topics of Black Belt Training, Leadership Development and selecting Instructor Candidates. The graduates of this course will be the managers of Instructors at a school and will lead instructor training.

Senior Masters Course: The purpose of the Seniors Masters Course is to education 5th Dans on city level school management and leadership. They will oversee city level events and promotions. The graduates of this course will organize and conduct Master Level Technical Training through quarterly city events.

Grand Masters Course: The purpose of the Grand Masters Course is to educate 6th Dans on the regional level school management and leadership. The graduates of this course will organize and lead Senior Master Level Technical Training through quarterly regional events. Members of the National Grand Masters Council will organize and conduct advanced educational courses on the national level. The Chairman of each National Grand Masters Council will sit as a National Representative on the World Grand Masters Council.

Mission Statement: The KMAIA International Training Academy is the single source authorized provider for traditional Korean military arts training external to the Republic of Korea. The Mission of the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association International Training Academy is to unify foreign (non-Korean) practitioners of Korean military arts in fraternal mutual respect for all styles or systems of Korean heritage and lineage, and to provide support and guidance in fostering technical excellence, fellowship, leadership, and character development.

Vision Statement: The Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association International Training Academy is a world-class educational and training organization comprised of highly skilled and dedicated traditional Korean military art practitioners, rich in lineage and with an unbroken tradition of excellence. We will provide our members unparalleled opportunities for personal growth, development, and pride. We serve as the bridge between the traditional Korean military art leadership and standards in the Republic of Korea and the need for education and training opportunities outside of Korea.

Values Statement: The Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association Training Academy is committed to educational leadership, effective communication, and continuous improvement to foster technical excellence, in an environment of trust and teamwork which promotes personal and organizational growth and the achievement of parity in knowledge and skill between the traditional Korean military arts as practiced in their homeland and by the students of the International Training Academy worldwide.

Intensive Program

Information For Visitors from Overseas

For those who are living abroad and wish to train at a KMAIA Dojang in Korea:

Anyone who is a member of the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association can train at branch schools in Korea. Information below is frequently requested regarding KMAIA Training.

In order to train at a branch school, you must become a member of the KMAIA, at a Dojang located abroad. This is usually done upon joining the Dojang, or else upon registration of Dan Grading.

Upon completing registration with the KMAIA, you will receive a Membership Certificate and a Membership Number. These do not expire and are good for life. Also, upon registering Dan Rank you will also receive an International Rank Number. When you want to train at the Dojang, please bring something with your registration number on it with you.

For those who are not yet KMAIA members, please complete the registration form. You can download the PDF Member Application by CLICKING HERE, Once you have completed the form, send it to the headquarters for processing. This can take up to 30 days. Once you are a registered member, you may train at the KMAIA school.

If you wish to train as a Visitor, you can participate in any Regular or Beginner class. Other types of classes are not available to you. It is possible to join as many classes of those two types in a day as you wish.

The fee for training is $100 per day for unlimited classes at beginner and intermediate level. These will be group classes. Private lessons are $100 per hour with a staff instructor. You may also choose to train with a senior school master for $300 per session. These fees do not include certification charges. For additional classes please pay the monthly fee for more training.

The monthly fee begins the day you pay it and ends at the completion of the calendar month, not 30 days from when you pay. Please be aware of this fact. You can begin training immediately after paying the fee if you wish.

Please take you uniform home with you each day. Uniforms can be purchased at the front desk, though any martial arts uniform is that does not have patches and markings of organizations that are not KMAIA affiliates are generally acceptable.

All necessary requirements for entering Korea (Visa, lodging, meals, transportation) are the sole responsibility of the individual. The Dojang does not provide lodging, meals, transportation, laundry facilities or any other accommodations.

It is possible to watch Regular or Beginners classes at any time. Please arrive before the beginning of class and sign in at the front desk. As you enter the Dojang, proper etiquette is required. NO VIDEO TAPING IS ALLOWED. DO NOT REQUEST IT.

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