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    Intensive Program

    Information For Visitors From Overseas

    For those who are living abroad and wish to train at a KMAIA Dojang in Korea:

    Anyone who is a member of the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association can train at branch schools in Korea. Information below is frequently requested regarding KMAIA Training.

    In order to train at a branch school you must become a member of the KMAIA, at a Dojang located abroad. This is usually done upon joining the Dojang, or else upon registration of Dan Grading.

    Upon completing registration with the KMAIA, you will receive a Membership Certificate and a Membership Number. These do not expire and are good for life. Also, upon registering Dan Rank you will also receive an International Rank Number. When you want to train at the Dojang, please bring something with your registration number on it with you.

    For those who are not yet KMAIA members, please complete the registration form. You can download the PDF Member Application by CLICKING HERE . Once you have completed the form, send it to the headquarters for processing. This can take up to 30 days. Once you are a registered member, you may train at the KMAIA school.

    If you wish to train as a Visitor, you can participate in any Regular or Beginner class. Other types of classes are not available to you. It is possible to join as many classes of those two types in a day as you wish.

    The fee for training is $100 per day for unlimited classes at beginner and intermediate level. These will be group classes. Private lessons are $100 per hour with a staff instructor. You may also choose to train with a senior school master for $300 per session. These fees do not include certification charges. For additional classes please pay the monthly fee for more training.

    The monthly fee begins the day you pay it and ends at the completion of the calendar month, not 30 days from when you pay. Please be aware of this fact. You can begin training immediately after paying the fee if you wish.

    Please take you uniform home with you each day. Uniforms can be purchased at the front desk, though any martial arts uniform is that does not have patches and markings of organizations that are not KMAIA affiliates are generally acceptable.

    All necessary requirements for entering Korea (Visa, lodging, meals, transportation) are the sole responsibility of the individual. The Dojang does not provide lodging, meals, transportation, laundry facilities or any other accommodations.

    It is possible to watch Regular or Beginners classes at any time. Please arrive before the beginning of class and sign in at the front desk. As you enter the Dojang, proper etiquette is required. NO VIDEO TAPING IS ALLOWED. DO NOT REQUEST IT.
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